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Capital Financial Services was established in 2001 as an Insurance Broker for Life Insurance products. The members are CH VD Colf and
C Muller who has a long and successful record in this industry. The company trades in short as C.F.S. and the main office is situated in Swakopmund with various offices across Namibia.

For C.F.S. to assist their clients with their entire Insurance Portfolio, a Short Term Insurance division was also added. After this was implemented successfully it made sense to add a Property Management division and in this way C.F.S. Properties was established. This enabled us to give a comprehensive service to our clients regarding their Financial and Investment needs.

C.F.S. Properties specialise mainly with the management and rental of properties at the coast as well as selling of properties.

Together with the property management our Agents also had many successes with the selling of Residential and Commercial Properties in Swakopmund. The selling of Properties is done on a very personal basis and only the best property deals and investments are negotiated for our clients, both buyers and sellers.

Home Loan & Property Insurance: C.F.S. is in the favorable position to assist their clients with a comprehensive service on all their financial transactions. When a property is bought through a bank loan we arrange for Life Insurance to cover this bond and the bank is informed accordingly, we also insure the property against Fire and related risks and a confirmation of cover is sent to your bank. This ensures that the property transaction is done smoothly and without any delays.

C.F.S. is accredited with all the major Insurance Companies in Namibia and we can assure our clients that they will get the best product and rates which will suit their Financial needs.


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